soji zen center

Soji Winter Sesshin

Dec. 26-31, 2023 | St. Raphaela Center

“All Buddhas are great beings. What great beings practice is called the eight awakenings. Practicing these awakenings is the basis for nirvāna. This is the last teaching of our original teacher Shākyamuni Buddha, which he gave on the night he entered parinirvāna.”

Our study text will be Dogen’s Hachidainingaku, The Eight Awakenings of Great Beings, coupled with commentary from Maezumi Roshi and Bernie Tetsugen Roshi in The Hazy Moon of Enlightenment. While every moment calls us forward to awakening, this particular time in our collective human journey needs special care. The Eight Awakenings of Great Beings offers a very practical approach to living in challenging times with a spirit of embodied wisdom. Our residential sesshin is an important time for immersive study and practice with this essential teaching.


To attend the sesshin, decide how you will be attending (A, B or C) (chart below) and then please fill out the registration form and make your payment at Soji (preferred) or using the Soji PayPal site. No registrations will be taken without the completed registration form. To receive the discount you should pay in full by December 10, 2023. Final payments are due by December 10, 2023.