Shuzen Sensei Dharma Talks


Mu 8/12/2018
Awakening Mind to True Self 6/26/2018
Where Are You Dwelling? 3/25/2018
Mumonkan Case 32 2/11/2018


Joshu- Wash Your Bowls 12/31/2017
No Mind, No Buddha-Case 33 Mumonkan 10/8/2017
The Honeymoon Is Over 8/20/2017
Diamond Treasure Sword 7/23/2017
Sin 7/16/2017
Are You Ready to Wake Up? 6/27/2017
Dodging Oneness 6/18/2017
Isan-No Footprints in the Blue Sky 4/16/2017
Are You Open or Are You Full? 3/12/2017
Practice Is Not a Spectator Sport 1/29/2017


Practicing This Very Moment 12/31/2016
What Is Transmission 11/27/2016
Give Me Some Truth 10/9/2016
Realizing Your Buddha Nature 8/28/2016
The Two Faces of Doubt 7/31/2016
Summer Sesshin Talk 6/28/2016
Rinzai’s True Person of No Rank 5/29/2016
Is the Grass Really Greener 3/27/2016
The Moon in the Dewdrop 2/16/2016


Everything is right here, right now…


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